What you might not know, what you might never know, is that Lasagne has a secret life.

What secrets does the Lasagne contain? Does it tell you those secrets freely? No, no it does not, it does not want you to know its secrets. That is our job…

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When we ask 'Why does the chicken cross the road?' we ask the wrong question.

The question we should be asking is 'where does the chicken go after it crosses the road? And how can we track it down and eat it?'. Well we don't know the answer to any of those questions. But we want to cook the most amazing chicken you've ever tasted in your life. Which is all that matters.

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Olive. Smoked Salmon. Mint?

) Good point. We are the best. You're right. So where do we go from here? Once you've had the best thing that you will ever have what can you do, is it an end? NO! It is a beginning. This is a beginning. We, Muckrach, is a beginning...

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